Strong Ale

Strong Ale - Something's brewing…brian armSTRONG and martin dALE bang out the traditional folk music of Ireland, Scotland, England and the New World with harmony vocals, banjo, mandolin, guitar, mandola and heaps of humour .  An entertaining, energetic and sometimes untraditional live show from two of the most experienced musicians around. Both Englishmen (from opposite ends of the country) have toured relentlessly around Europe individually and in bands for the best part of 3 decades, and can woo a crowd of any size with their wit and dexterity. Shout to a sea-shanty, dance to a jig, or outstare your stout to a ballad.  Drown your sorrows with Strong Ale: 50% folk, 50% entertainment.  100% proof. Their first album, “The Beaten Track” was released in 2014.