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Wild N' Irish are an explosive duo from Ireland. Made up of Donegal man Conor Maley from right up the North of Ireland and Waterford man Stephen O Rourke from right down the South of Ireland they met in the middle of Ireland in Dublin two years ago and have since formed their duo act “Wild N Irish”.
Growing up with his father a musician Conor began performing at a young age and has been playing lots of traditional Irish events as well as in many party cover bands for years. Winning a prestigious UK songwriting competition 2017 saw him go on to work with Grammy award winning producer Steve Levine.
Stephen took up and found his love for all things drums and percussion at a later stage and only really began to play live shows and gigs during his time in college. It was not long until his abilities on the drums and percussion instruments had him playing in many bands and duos across Ireland and abroad.
Together they bring an experience and energy to light up any room, venue, festival stage. Playing everything from the classic oldies, traditional Irish party songs right up to the modern day hits. They will be sure to have any venues customers up on their feet, dancing and drinking the night away.