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“Great chops! Great Tone! This cat can play!"~ The Noise, Boston


“Boyan’s guitar playing is spot on”~ Metronome, Boston


Critically acclaimed recording and performing artist, Boyan, is a Bulgarian born American who has been around the world quite a few times, entertaining all kinds of crowds. An accomplished instrumentalist, Boyan is a Berklee College of Music graduate who makes the guitar speak many languages, thus making it really hard to pin down only a few of the musical tastes you could get if you heard him play live - when you do you might be taken on a journey through time - from classical guitar and the likes of Sinatra, Louis Prima, Ray Charles (bring grandma) through the canons of the Delta Blues, the classic era of pop and rock music, all the way to the modern day icons like Coldplay, The Chainsmokers, Various DJs featuring autotuned singers, The Black Keys, Justin Bieber (ouch, sorry hahaha) and countless more!


You’ll find yourself singing along and amazed at your own dance moves, and let’s just hope that none of the real fun stuff ends up on Instagram stories… or should we? So don’t be shy, ask Boyan to play your favorite song, and enjoy the party.

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