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Daniel Kittow has played the guitar since he was 8 years old, growing up in rural New Zealand. His pursuit of his passion led him to immigrate to Denmark in 2008, connecting with his Danish mother's roots. Daniel has played concerts in New Zealand and in Europe, and has been working professionally for Brophy bookings for 4 years, touring extensively in Denmark. Daniel has hundreds of concerts under his belt.



With a history in both Rock n Roll and country, Daniel specializes in uptempo, party friendly classics, alongside  unique interpretations of modern songs. This enables him to appeal to a wide audience. Daniel plays a wide range of tracks, from Bruce Springsteen and  Johnny Cash to modern chart toppers like Sam Smith. 



A typical concert might start off with some sing-alongs on the soft side but it’s never long before the crowd starts humming . There is always plenty of opportunity both to sing and dance. Add a dash of a little New Zealand humor and you have the makings of a good night out. 

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