On match day, there's nothing quite like the electrifying atmosphere of live music pulsating through the stadium. At Brophy Bookings, we're your premier source for solo acts who not only master your team's anthems but also live and breathe the spirit of football culture. From pre-game warm-ups to post-match celebrations, we're here to elevate every moment.

Stephen Cooper PSV-Eindoven Fan Zone


Our talented musicians, many hailing from the UK, understand the significance of match day. They're not just performers; they're supporters, united by their love for the game. Born with a passion for football, they infuse every note with the same intensity fans bring to the stands. Because for them, football isn't just a sport—it's a way of life.

John Clapper - Live at Wembley


Whether it's the buzz of a live match broadcast on Sky Sports, the thrill of a European Cup showdown, or the anticipation of upcoming fixtures, we've got you covered. With Brophy Bookings, you're not just getting music; you're getting an immersive experience that captures the essence of football fandom.

So when the final whistle blows and the crowd erupts in celebration, remember that we were there, adding to the magic of the moment. Because in the end, we're all united by the same passion: the love of football, the thrill of the score, and the joy of celebrating goals.

Welcome to the Fanzone, where every match day is a Champions League of its own.