Patrick Kelly

“Patrick Kelly, originating from Bangor, Northern Ireland, boasts over two decades of live music experience, captivating audiences across the UK and Europe with his charismatic stage presence and versatile song selection.”


Patrick Kelly hails from Bangor, Northern Ireland. A singer, performer, Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with over 20 years experience playing live music, and over 10 years entertaining the masses all around the UK and Europe every week of the year. The first th...Read More

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~CURRENTLY~ in Oslo at Old Irish Pub Marjostuen 1-6/8 and OIP Klingenberggata 5-6/8 ~Coming up~ Willow Yard - Switzerland 12-11/8 Irish House - Aalborg 18-20/8 Tir Na Nog 25-27/8 OIP - Helsinki 28/8-4/9